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  • BhakTV Launches New ISKCON Film in Mayapur, India
    A new documentary film series by Vasudeva Dasa, entitled No Suffering on Safari: The Bangladesh Experience premiered this Oct 31st at Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi Auditorium in ISKCON’s Mayapur complex.
  • ISKCON 'Safari' Tour Visits Mumbai, Expresses Gratitude
    The devotees of the ISKCON Mayapur's Safari Tour paid a four-day visit to Mumbai from 24 – 27 March 2009. The Safari Tour was founded by Jayapataka Swami in 1986. Since then, every year after Mayapur's Gaura Purnima festival, Jayapataka Swami and several sannyasis and senior devotees lead devotees from across the world on various safari expeditions to Holy places in and around India.