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  • Vrindavan, the Playground of God - WhatsApp Kartik Parikrama

    School of Bhakti, United Kingdom, will hold a virtual 30-day walkthrough of the mystical village of Vrindavan.

  • School of Bhakti, UK, Launches New Online Courses

    The School of Bhakti at the Bhaktivedanta Manor UK, offers a variety of courses and workshops by qualified, respected teachers, to help "everyone come closer to Krishna".

  • New North Carolina School “Goloka” Sees Rapid Growth

    Starting in 2018 with a Montessori-style multi-age classroom for three to six year olds, it opened a first through fourth grade class this year, with plans to expand to a larger building in the next school year.

  • Spiritual Awakening in West Bengal Schools

    The Jagrata Chatra Samaj is a Spiritual Academy for Formation and Education (SAFE), an outreach program specifically aimed for students from schools and colleges in West Bengal, India.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor School On the Lookout for New Head Teacher

    For the past thirty-five years, the Bhaktivedanta Manor School in England has given children a loving Krishna conscious education, earning its moniker “The Small School With a Big Heart.” A year ago, the school moved into its own dedicated building. And now, with committed longtime head teacher Guru Charana Padma Dasi set to retire, it’s looking for a new principal to oversee its exciting next phase.

  • New Eco-School Inaugurated In Krishna-valley, Hungary

    Krishna-valley in Somogyvamos, Hungary is one of the fastest growing villages in the area. In the past two decades, due to the hard work of the devotees, the 275 hectars of land has become Europe’s largest eco-village. There are 50 children living in Krishna-valley, who, by know, outgrew the original school building. Therefore it was time to build a new building, which, with its 200 square meters, 3 classrooms, big communal space could accommodate an additional 48 students.

  • Mauritius Plans New School, Medical Center for 50th

    The ambitious project will include a 800-capacity temple hall for Radha-Golokananda, a guest house and accommodation for devotees, a prasadam hall, a conference hall, exhibition areas, an auditorium and a five-star restaurant. It will blend traditional domes with modern western features. Arriving sooner is the Bhakti Preschool, for which the building has already been constructed at ISKCON Phoenix.

  • Government Accredited Mayapur School Continues Expansion

    After being officially affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Delhi in July 2014, the Bhaktivedanta National School at ISKCON’s headquarters in Mayapur, West Bengal continues to expand its operations. The school has ensured that teachers’ qualifications and salaries meet with CBSE requirements, and is now undergoing a series of physical improvements and additions.

  • ISKCON School to Educate Tribal Children in Rural Assam, India

    Saraswati Vidya Niketan in Assam was founded in 2011 as an adult educational program where ISKCON devotees educated, local village youth who were previously working in nearby towns and cities as a labourers. Most of them were suffering from alcohol abuse, addiction to gambling, which severely affected their economy, ecology and cultural roots.

  • Teacher Recruitment, Shri Mayapur International School

    As the community in Mayapur expands at an unprecedented rate, so too does the needs of Sri Mayapur International School. This school, presently home to over 220 Vaishnava children and prestigiously affiliated with Cambridge International. For further information on the positions available please contact the SMIS principal, Gunacuda dasi at :