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  • ISKCON Hungary Sends Aid to the Flood Affected Bosnia

    On May 23rd, ISKCON Hungary has sent a group of volunteers to the flood affected Bosnia. Having served in several flood and other natural disaster affected areas, these volunteers are experienced humanitarian workers. Primarily, they will help in the Sarajevo area by cooking, serving, driving and taking care of the victims in many other ways.

  • ISKCON Food Relief in Flooded Serbia

    A shocking video about the flooded Obrenovac area (Serbia), and about ISKCON devotees' efforts to reach the people in need and help them with fresh drinking water and hot meal. 

  • Children's Art to Save Yamuna

    Having seen photographs and discussion the issue of current condition of river Yamuna the children at the Vaisnava Summer Camp at Fruska Gouranga, Serbia, have made two posters entitled: "THE YAMUNA WE WANT" and "THE YAMUNA WE DON’T WANT".

  • Goranga Summer Camp in Serbia
    ISKCON Serbia will hold its annual Goranga Camp from 6th till 15th of July 2012 in a mountainside forest Fruska Gora.
  • Serbian Krishna Devotee Wins In The European Court of Human Rights
    On December 14th the European Court of Human Rights ruled against the Republic of Serbia and in favor of Zivota Milanovic, a Krishna devotee, who was attacked five times between 2001 and 2007 because of his religion. The assailants beat him with baseball bats, stabbed him, cut his sikha off and engraved a cross onto his head with a knife.
  • ISKCON: Serbia 'Stalls' Granting Legal Status to ISKCON, Other Religions

    Only three religious communities - the Seventh-day Adventist and United Methodist churches and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) - appear to have been given legal status under Serbia's controversial Religion Law, Forum 18 News Service has found.