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  • South American Temples Struggling Financially Amid COVID-19 Reach Out For Help

    The COVID-19 Pandemic is a financial challenge for all ISKCON temples. With their main sources of income such as book distribution, Harinama Sankirtan, in person hundi box donations, preaching programs and more either decreased or halted, many are struggling to make ends meet. 

  • First Annual Congress Brings Latin American Educators Together

    The first “Latin American Congress of Education with ISKCON,” brought together ISKCON educators from all over South America, along with prospective collaborators. Their goal was to create effective networks amongst each other, share inspiring reports of educational efforts; identify strengths and challenges faced in ISKCON education in South America; and develop practical proposals for implementation.

  • ISKCON Celebrates Annual Ratha-Yatra festival In Guyana, South America
    The Guyana chapter of ISKCON held its annual Ratha-Yatra festival in Georgetown on the 27th of June, with a Lord Jagannath parade through city streets, which culminated at the Merriman’s Mall with a cultural event.
  • Tribes of Amazon Find an Ally Out of ‘Avatar’
    Stopping the Belo Monte dam in Brazil has become a fresh personal crusade for James Cameron, the director, who came here as indigenous leaders from 13 tribes held a special council to discuss their last-ditch options.
  • Interfaith Dialogue in Brazil
    BRASILIA: On October 19 and 20, I participated in an interfaith event organized by Amisrael, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) with international activities aimed at peace between peoples and nations.
  • ISKCON Guyana Revives Walking Festival

    Through the revival efforts of Ram-Lila Dasa and a host of other members from the ISKCON community in Guyana, Padayatra once again graced the village streets of Guyana from January 26 – February 1. During this week long festival, devotees, well wishers, and enthusiastic onlookers covered approximately 40 kilometers through some of the most populated villages en route to Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana.

  • New Generation to Take Over From GBC in Brazil

    Members of the Brazilian Governing Council of ISKCON (Conselho Governamental do Brasil, or CGB) met this November 29 - 30 at the Vrajabhumi temple near Rio de Janeiro to plan a revolutionary new management strategy. Until now, Brazil has been overseen by two international members of ISKCON’s Governing Body Comission (GBC), Param Gati Swami and Hridayananda Dasa Goswami. Four other sannyasis who reside in Brazil – all initiating gurus – acted as representatives of the GBCs and managed different geographical areas of the country.

  • BBT Brazil Makes A Comeback
    The Brazilian BBT harks back as far as 1975, when Srila Prabhupada held the first Portuguese Bhagavad-gita in his hands. Director Ishvara Swami ran the organization impressively, translating all of Prabhupada’s books and turning out huge print runs of between 100,000 and 400,000, with an unprecedented one million copies of Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers flying off the presses.