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  • The Secrets of Spiritual Time Management

    Is there such a thing as spiritual time management? Can we organize our schedule based on spiritual principles?

  • Character or Capability?

    Maybe we tend to prioritise external achievements over internal purification – after all, that’s what gets the claps and nods from our social circle.

  • How Spirituality Can Help Fight Coronavirus Effectively

    1.3 billion Indians observed the Janata Curfew on 22nd March, to fight Covid-19. Billions of people in different parts of the world are already under lockdown. There is an undeclared curfew in almost all the parts of the world. Coronavirus, the tiny little virus, which cannot be seen with our eyes have brought the whole world to a standstill. 

  • One Path, Many Paths

    When we start exploring life’s spiritual side, we may hesitate to commit ourselves to any particular spiritual path: “Won’t that make me close-minded and incapable of appreciating other paths?”

  • Spiritual Awareness: Hear the Unheard

    Looks can be deceiving, and often far from the full story. It is said that one who laughs too much, even at small and insignificant things, may well be harboring dissatisfaction and sorrow within. A person who feels impelled to keep talking and communicating, could be experiencing loneliness and lack of meaningful camaraderie.

  • Spirituality in Reality | Devamrita Swami

    Everyone likes everything today to be spiritual. Spiritual has become such a trendy term. But what does it really mean to be spiritual? A video by Spirit Matter.

  • Mechanics of Spirituality

    At 4.30am each morning the monks commence their 4-hour spiritual workout. Each and every day, 365 days a year. To an onlooker it may seem like a monotonous and mechanical regime. Seasoned practitioners, however, will testify that these tried and tested external practices open up an internal world of bottomless depth.

  • Can India Be the World’s Bright Spot?

    On my way to the mall a billboard on the street caught my attention. It said: "Can India be the world's bright spot?" Google informed me that this was a question presented by Prime-Minister Narendra Modi to, basically, the society.

  • In Pursuit of Cool

    Truth be known, my interest in “cool” was not a strong motivation. My quiet motto while travelling was that I was “looking for the place that was looking for me."

  • Lessons from a Hawk

     We should take the spiritual opportunities we have in our life very, very seriously. One of the greatest enemies of a spiritualist is procrastination.

  • Killing Time

    Modern man is preoccupied with time. Big time. We race against it. We want to “kill” it. We create unlimited gadgets to save it.

  • Does God Exist ? - Scientific Spirituality

    Does God Exist is a must watch to get interesting rational, factual and authoritative information about God's Existence and His role as a creator of the Universe. It is a perfect blend of Science and Spirituality.

  • Mission Impossible

    People have a romantic idea of spirituality: escape worldly distraction, access higher states of consciousness, and settle into an internal serenityThe dedicated practitioners, however, will frankly admit that it doesn’t always work like that.

  • This Iconic Self-Help Book Proves That Spirituality Has A Place In The Business World

    Iconic book cites personal renewal and spiritual connection as essential to achieving one's greatest potential.

  • Fast Food Spirituality

    In our "pill-popping, quick-fix, I-want-it-now" culture, patience isn't something that's valued a whole lot. While we can try to maintain that culture in our professional lives, it will be quite counterproductive if we implement it into our spiritual lives.

  • Isn’t It Better to Be Spiritual Instead of Being Religious?
    The intention underlying this desire to be ‘spiritual-not-religious’ is laudable, but its application is questionable. Usually the intention is that we should be broad-minded, not narrow-minded.
  • Slow Progress

    Over the years I’ve managed to keep a journal with some daily thoughts and reflections. Today I looked back to read my entry on 21st February 2003. It was disappointing. The exact same character frailties, unhelpful desires and spiritual blocks I had then, are still affecting me now. It can be disheartening to see a lack of transformation and progress, and naturally calls one to question themselves.

  • Does Spirituality Kill Our Individuality?
    In spiritual life, everybody is told to do the same activities like chanting the same mantra. Doesn’t this standardization suppress and destroy our individuality? Not at all. In fact, this standardization destroys the coverings that block our actual individuality.
  • The Lost Art of Being Alone with God

    One of the most important ways we can come to a full understanding of our relationship with God is by spending a little “alone time” with God. However, in our amped-up, wireless sphere of reality, I think this has become a lost art.

  • Are There Dangers In Being `Spiritual But Not Religious`?
    "People seem not to have the time nor the energy or interest to delve deeply into any one faith or religious tradition. So they move through, collecting ideas and practices and tenets that most appeal to the self, but making no connections to groups or communities", Ann Greeley, a theology and philosophy professor at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut says.
  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Passes Away

    The Hague, Netherlands – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the high-profile guru who founded the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement and popularized Indian spirituality among jet-setting celebrities, passed away on Tuesday, February 5, at his home in the Dutch town of Vlodrop, a TM spokesman told the Associated Press.

  • Study Shows Trendy Spiritualism Breeds Unhappiness
    YOUNG people who embrace trendy, self-focused spiritualism are more anxious and depressed than those who believe in God or reject religion altogether, a survey shows. A major Queensland [Australia] study of 21-year olds suggests that the shift away from traditional religious beliefs to new-age religions is not making young adults happier.
  • Noelle McCarthy: Spiritual Life in a Secular World
    Spirituality is the new black. Not my words. Those of Richard Egan, PhD student at Dunedin School of Medicine. Richard is studying the effects of spirituality on end-of-life cancer care and had the misfortune to be midway through a radio interview with me yesterday when the news broke of Sir Edmund Hillary's passing. Not an interview either of us will be forgetting in a hurry I'm sure.
  • Selling Beliefnet
    Fox Entertainment Group have announced the acquisition of Beliefnet, an interfaith Web site that offers a wide variety of resources including social networking tools, articles, quizzes, text searches, photo galleries, forums and interviews.
  • Sport and the Spiritual
    When we see Wayne Rooney score a brilliant goal from an impossible angle, we admire his skill, and the Bhagavad-gita says that this is a manifestation of God. It is not that Wayne Rooney is himself God, of course, although some may argue the point.