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  • Govardhan Parikrama from the Air

    A video by Anton Aleksandrov.

  • Vrindavan Film ‘Reconnection’ Wins 15 Awards

    Reconnection, a 40-minute film written and directed by Siberian devotee couple Shyam Gopal Das and his wife Vijaya Radhika Dasi, has been making a real splash in the film festival world. A cinema verite piece, it tells the story of tech professional Sean Fletcher, a typical victim of our Internet-addicted age. Emotionally and spiritually cut-off, Sean stops in Vrindavan, India on the way to Nepal, and finds that the sacred village breaks him down to his core and helps him reconnect with his own heart and inner values.

  • The Talavan Forest

    Talavan is one of the 12 sacred forests of Sri Vrindavan Dham in India. Even today, it retains much of the beauty it had 5,000 years ago during the appearance of Lord Sri Krsna. Indradyumna Swami and his parikrama party sat and discussed Krsna and Balarama's pastimes in that transcendental abode and relished the sweet chanting of Krsna's holy names for many hours. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • New Book: Vraja-mandala Darsana

    ISKCON’S very first literature on Vraja Mandala Parikrama, the book promises its readers a walkthrough of Vraja through its 608 colorful pages and poetically gives one the immersion experience of the sights and the smells of the twelve forests of Vrindavan. It contains 30 chapters each for a day of parikrama with 246 photographs, 107 paintings and 28 precise route maps obtained from Google Earth. 

  • A Day In Vrindavan

    Filmed by Filip Cargonja and Kuva Zakheim. Edited by Hladini Hilary Zakheim.

  • “Blossoming of Vedic Life in Rural Hungary”- Art Exhibition Opens in Budapest, Hungary

    On September 18th a special art exhibition opened at the Cultural Center of the Indian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. The “Blossoming of Vedic Life in Rural Hungary” exhibition displays over 40 original drawings from ISKCON-guru and author Sivarama Swami’s new book the Nava Vraja Mahima, a monumental work in glorification of New Vraja Dhama (or Krishna-valley), a rural Vaishnava community in Hungary.

  • People Pray to God - The Vrajavasis Pray for God

    Praying for others is itself an act of selflessness, but praying for God is the act of ultimate selflessness. What the Vrajavasis are unconscious of is Krishna’s divinity, not divinity itself. They are obviously not atheists – they are the topmost theists.

  • Indradyumna Swami's Parikrama 2013

    A beautiful video of the 2013 Vraja Mandala praikrama led by Indradyumna Swami.

  • Spiritual Embassies of the World - Sri Vrindavan Dhama, India

    Journey to the place of Lord Krishna's pastimes and follow the personal journey of self discovery of one visitor to this sacred place. A video by Barnaby Booth.

  • Seeing God and Helping the Blind - by Radhanath Swami

    Radhanath Swami offers heartfelt observations about the “eye camps” he organizes in the holy land of Varsana, India, where the impoverished are treated for various eye diseases. Doctors from all over the world who provide this service free of charge, amazingly, consider their acts as their own humble efforts to “see” God.

  • Author Braja Sorensen's Love Letter to Mayapur

    Braja Sorensen’s autobiography, about a spiritual and personal journey that ultimately led to her finding a home in the sacred village of Mayapur, West Bengal, is already earning rave reviews.

  • Rawal, the Birthplace of Srimati Radharani

    Happy Radhastahmi! A video by Vrindavan Experience.

  • Spain To Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Radha Govinda Chandra

    Devotees at the New Vrajamandala farm in Brihuega, central Spain will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the installation of their gorgeous presiding Deities, Sri Sri Radha Govinda Chandra from August 23rd to 29th this summer. Around 200 devotees from Spain and other European countries are expected to gather for the event.

  • Supersoul Connection Feat by Ayush Attri Sharma

    The footage for the video was taken from the "Glimpses of Vraja", a series of short videos on the holy land - Sri Vrindavan Dham, used with the kind permission of the producer. You're warmly welcome to visit

    Video credits:
    Produced by B.B. Govinda Swami
    Director of photography and camera: Maxim Duzer
    Edited by Denis Alibašić
    Color edit by Simon Gosnik

    Music credits:
    Recorded in Polestar Studio by Radhamohan das in March 2013
    Music arranged and composed by Radhamohan das and Dhyan
    Lyrics by Dhyan

    Two sentences of the lyrics were taken from Sri Vraja Dhama Mahimamrita (The Nectarean Glories of Vraja-dhama) by Srila Krishnadas Kaviraja Goswami.

  • Vrajavadhus Kirtan Band Evoke the Spirit of Vrindavana
    With two albums out this year, mega performances to tens of thousands in India, and yoga studio tours across the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa, Gaura Mani and the Vrajavadhus is the biggest kirtan band you may not have heard of…. yet.
  • India & Beyond: Plane Reading for Part-time Babajis – a book by Braja Sorensen
    New e-book has been released: “India & Beyond: Plane Reading for Part-time Babajis” by Mayapur resident Braja Sevaki Dasi. Light reading for yogis, bhaktas, babajis, and wanna-be’s while traveling to India—and beyond.
  • Campaign Against Yamuna Overpass Continues
    In Braj, India, the area where Lord Krishna appeared and performed His pastimes 5,000 years ago, a lengthy court battle over a new highway overpass on the sacred Yamuna River continues to rage.
  • Annual Tour of Vraja Mandala’s Holy Places Begins
    ISKCON's 23rd annual Vraja Mandala Parikrama, coordinated by gurus Lokanath Swami and Radha Raman Swami, began this year on Sunday October 4th and will run until Monday November 2nd.
  • Tragic Death Piques Public Interest in Krishna Customs
    Zardi Manning gripped the hand of his brother Bhisma as the pair watched the body of their 17-year-old sister Lila burn on a funeral pyre beside India's sacred River Yamuna. Anandalila - Lila to her family and friends - died earlier in the day after being shot in the head by a love-obsessed stalker in Vrindavan, one of India's holiest towns.
  • Shooting Victim “Lila” Passes Away in Vrindavana

    February 5th, 2008 – Ananda-Lila “Lila” Salter passed away in the holy village of Vrindavan at 2:15 this morning. Her family, friends and well-wishers sat at her bedside, while heartfelt chanting of Krishna’s names filled the air. The Australian Hare Krishna devotee, at only 17, had been fighting for her life after 28 year-old Saurav Singh shot her with a pistol early on Saturday morning.

  • Family of Vraja Shooting Victim Request Your Prayers
    Hare Krishna communities in Australia and throughout the world are shocked and upset by the callous shooting of a Hare Krishna devotee in Vrindavan, India on February 2nd. Anna Ananda Lila Salter, aged 17, has now been moved from a New Delhi hospital to the sacred land of Vrindavana where the decision could be made to switch off her life support machine.
  • Food for Life Serves Vraja Residents
    Since 1990, Food For Life Vrindavana has been laboring to serve “the poorest of the poor” in the North Indian pilgrimage center that is renowned as the childhood place of Lord Krishna Himself.
  • Friends of Vrindavana Cleaning up Pilgrimage Town
    To revive the pilgrimage town's cleanliness, Friends of Vrindavan began its 'Clean Vrindavan' program in 1997. Since then they've tidied up every corner of the town and inspired several other initiatives to serve its residents.
  • Sri Sri Radha-Shyamasundara - Janmastami 2007

    In the sacred land of Vrindavana where Lord Krishna enacts his childhood pastimes ISKCON has erected a temple that has, over the last three decades, become one of the most visited temples in the area. There reside the deities of Sri Sri Radha-Shyamasundara who are decorated lavishly on a daily basis. On special days like Janmastami thousands of pilgrims line up to catch a glimse of them.

  • Environmental Destruction in Vrindavana
    Their hearts full of devotion, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims will stream into Braj Bhoomi [India] around Tuesday for Janmashtami - the birthday of Lord Krishna. But most will turn a blind eye to the poor condition of the sacred area.