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  • Bhaktimarga Swami Completes 3,550-Mile Walk Across U.S. for ISKCON 50

    On Friday September 15th, Bhaktimarga Swami, “The Walking Monk,” crossed the finish-line for his 3,550-mile walk across the USA in San Francisco, beneath shining blue skies and rolling white clouds. It had been two years since he set off.

  • Four Days with the Walking Monk

    “Hey do you guys want a ride?”  So asked a friendly driver as he pulled to the side of the road along the rolling hills 50 miles east of San Francisco. He’d spotted the Walking Monk in his saffron robes strolling down the pavement towards him. He was curious and inclined to help. 

  • Walking Monk Retraces ISKCON’s Journey for 50th

    From September 20th to November 10th in 2015, Bhaktimarga Swami walked from Boston’s Commonwealth Pier, where ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada first reached the U.S. in 1965, to Butler Pennsylvania, where he stayed with sponsors the Agarwal family, to New York City, where he registered ISKCON in 1966. In New York, Bhaktimarga concluded his 907-mile walk by chanting under the famous “Hare Krishna tree” in Tompkins Square Park, where Prabhupada led some of the first public kirtans in the Western World.

  • Swami Plans Walk to Key Areas of ISKCON’s History for Society’s 50th

    Intrepid ISKCON Guru and GBC Bhaktimarga Swami, known colloquially as “The Walking Monk,” is planning his next big adventure. The Swami has already trekked across his native Canada three times, and has walked in Ireland, Israel, Guyana, Trinidad, Fiji and Mauritius, promoting spiritual thought and healthy living.

  • "I Wanted to Go for a Walk"

    Visiting Buenos Aires, The "Walking Monk" reveals how trekking can guide to divinity. Interview with Bhakti Marga Swami in a prestigious Argentine newspaper Clarín Buena Vida.

  • Walking Monk Exemplifies the Simple Life

    In a changing world where buying stuff and watching screens has become more important than human interaction or feeling the sun and air on your skin, walking Hare Krishna monk Bhaktimarga Swami is demonstrating how wonderful the simple life can be.

  • The Amazing Power of Walking
    Sometimes the best solutions are the most simple. This appears to be the case with walking, arguably the simplest form of exercise. Walking is gentle on the body and takes no special equipment to perform, making it also a very accessible way to exercise.
  • Monk Finds Walking Therapeutic and "Addictive"
    “It’s a great way to clear the cobwebs in my mind,” Bhaktimarg Swami says. “Walking really helps create clarity of thought. When I think about what it does to improve me psychologically, physically and spiritually, I think people should reconsider the idea of walking.”
  • The Walking Monk visits Woodstock
    Also known as ‘The Walking Monk’, Bhaktimarga is currently in the process of walking across Canada for the fourth time. He’s on a mission to promote the concept of pilgrimage and walking for inner development.
  • Kelso-Beach, Canada: Hare Krishna Devotees Hold Public Event
    Kelso-Beach, Canada. Devotees from around Grey-Bruce welcomed their Hare Krishna movement's spiritual leader in Canada to a public vegetarian feast and celebration Saturday. Owen Sound organizer Rajesh Kalavadia said the first-time event at Kelso Beach featured three elements: vegetarian food, spiritual activities like chanting and meditation, and entertainment including music, freestyle dance and a secular drama about loneliness.
  • Bhaktimarga Swami Reflects On Trans-Canada Trek

    Somehow, by God’s grace, I was able to complete a third walk across one of the largest land masses on earth, my home country, Canada. This third trek brings the total distance covered to 20,000 Kilometres, or, 12,427 miles. Figures might be important but more relevant is the number of people I met.

  • Croc-wearing Monk Walks the Walk
    Bhaktimarga Swami, a Hare Krishna monk, is walking across Canada to promote walking and a “simpler lifestyle.” His journey brought him through St. Stephen, New Brunswick on Monday.
  • BLOG: The Walking Monk—Bhaktimarga Swami's 2007 CanWalk
    I started part two of CanWalk Number Three noticing the pool of blood.This is what the highway is—a place of living and moving travel but it is also a place of standstill, of frozenness and death. I am so impactfully reminded of this on this first day.
  • 'Walking Monk' Hits the Road for Third Cross-Canada Walk
    The walk begins each day at 4 or 5 a.m., and Swami spends about nine hours walking 45 kilometres per day. He carries with him a sack holding his meditation beads, and often chants and talks to the Creator along the way. The personable monk, who joined the Hare Krishna movement in 1973 and changed his name from John Vis, said he runs into a lot of cyclists and marathon runners, along with regular citizens curious about his exploits. “Walking in the summer, it‘s when people are out and about,” he said. “It‘s the real natural time to be there, and the really big part of this project is to meet people and get inspired . . . and to inspire.”