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  • ISKCON of D.C. Holi Becomes Family Tradition For Many Locals

    This year over 4,000 people attended the event, also dubbed Festival of Colors, on Saturday May 4th. So many turned up, in fact, that offsite parking had to be arranged with buses to shuttle them back and forth.

  • ISKCON of D.C. Receives Security Grant to Help Protect Temple

    The ISKCON of D.C. temple in Potomac, Maryland will be one of twelve faith-based organizations to receive grant funding from the Faith-based Facilities Security Operating Grants program.

  • Process Driven Temple Presidents’ Meeting Builds Friendships and Connections

    The attendees concentrated on how they wanted to work together, what resources they needed to better serve their temples and where to find them, and how they wanted the relationship between temple presidents and GBCs to look and feel.

  • Vaishnava Hindu Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard To Run For President in 2020

    “I chose to take the oath of office with my personal copy of the Bhagavad-gita because its teachings have inspired me to strive to be a servant-leader, dedicating my life in the service of others and to my country,” said Gabbard after the swearing-in ceremony to be a Congresswoman in 2013.

  • Busy Family Man Teaches Maha-Mantra to Thousands

    Maha-Mantra Das is a busy family man and software developer in Washington D.C. In his spare time, he and his wife and children have taught about 60,000 people how to chant the Hare Krishna mantra on beads over the last decade.

  • Communications Minister is Distinguished Speaker at Religious Freedom Event in Washington, D.C.

    On May 8, 2018, the Religious Freedom Institute (RFI) held a policy briefing on Capitol Hill with government leaders, academics, and experts on religious freedom issues, including ISKCON’s Minister of Communications, Anuttama Dasa.  

  • Vaishnava-Christian Dialogue Held in Temple for the First Time

    Until now, dialogues in Washington D.C. have been held in neutral, non-religious spots such as retreat centers and community halls. But with such deep friendships and trust built up over the years, the dialogue was held last year at a Catholic monastery, and this year – for the very first time – at an ISKCON temple. 

  • ISKCON D.C. Temple Hosts Israeli Embassy Visit

    On April 25th, twenty officials and staff from the Israeli Embassy, including a representative from its Community Relations office, visited ISKCON of Washington D.C. 

  • ISKCON Helps to Protect Catholic Advertisements

    After being told it could not buy advertisement space for its annual “Find the perfect gift” Christmas campaign last year, the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington sued the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) for banning religious speech.

  • ISKCON 50th Gala, Washington D.C.

    Many international religious and political leaders honored the founder International Society for Krishna Consciousness A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s achievements and contributions at a special ISKCON 50th Anniversary Gala Event in Washington D.C. on September 13th, 2016. The event took place in the Presidential Ballroom at the Capital Hilton Hotel. Three blocks from the White House, the Ballroom has hosted every president since Harry S. Truman and features a permanent eight-foot presidential seal on its wall. Over 300 people attended the Gala event, seventy-five of them special invitees including religious leaders, religious liberty experts, members of the media, government representatives and political leaders. A video by Karuna Productions.

  • Devotee Wins Special Olympics Event

    Keshav Das, 30, an ISKCON of Washington D.C. devotee, won the gold medal at his tri-county Special Olympics meet on Sunday May 21st, competing in the 100-meter track and field. Keshav, who was born with Down Syndrome, had been training for the past year with his coach, and was cheered on by thirteen family members, including father and mother Sachchida and Sharmistha Gupta, and brothers Gopal and Vishal.

  • Washington ISKCON50 Gala Video Released

    A 10-minute video has been released about the prestigious ISKCON50 Gala event that took place in September 2016 at the Hilton Presidential Ballroom, in Washington, D.C. Over 300 people attended the event, seventy-five of them special invitees including religious leaders, religious liberty experts, members of the media, and political leaders. The video presents the highlights of the Gala, including some of the speeches and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's leading kirtan. 

  • Radhanath Swami @ CHANT 4 CHANGE Lincoln Memorial
  • Bhagavad Gita Distributed to Top US Political Leaders

    2016 was a significant year for Indian Americans in politics. Five Indian Americans, a record number, were elected to U.S. Congress. To celebrate the milestone, fellow members of Congress, dignitaries and supporters, including ISKCON, gathered at the Indiaspora Gala on January 3rd in Washington, D.C.  The bipartisan event highlighted the increasing significance of the Indian-American community in the country’s political landscape. It also welcomed members of the new administration and allowed new and current members to build relationships and strengthen ties. 

  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Sworn With the Bhagavad Gita Once Again

    “Tulsi shared how the Bhagavad Gita continues to serve as an inspiration in her life, and how grateful she is to the people of Hawaii for allowing her to continue to serve in Congress,” said a statement from her office.

  • In Emotional Farewell Speech, Michelle Obama Praises Diversity

    “.. Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh – these religions are teaching our young people about justice and compassion and honesty.”

  • CHANT4CHANGE 2016: Lincoln Memorial
  • Forbes Magazine Covers ISKCON50 Gala in Washington DC

    The renowned International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding by revered spiritual leader A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada with an elaborate black-tie gala in Washington DC late last month. The event brought together scores of religious, academic and political leaders from across the country to celebrate the life of Swami Prabhupada and the influential, global organization his work inspired.

  • CHANT4CHANGE 2016: Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC 10/08/2016.

  • Rain Can’t Dampen Spirits at D.C.’s Historic Chant 4 Change

    Political pundits last weekend were calling the second presidential debate “the darkest and nastiest in modern history,” full of scandals, personal attacks and insults. And the ongoing drama may be what’s taking over the news lately. But not everyone, even in Washington, is being dragged down by it. On Saturday October 8th, thousands of people from different faiths and backgrounds gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for a “Chant 4 Change,” trying to bring some light into the darkness.

  • Devotees Called Upon to Attend Historic ‘Chant 4 Change’

    Already ISKCON communities in Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Alachua, Maine and New York are mobilizing large contingents of devotees to attend what promises to be an historic event this October 8th – Chant 4 Change.Kirtan chanter and organizer Gaura Vani is imploring all devotees from throughout the U.S. and beyond to come en masse and make a powerful statement on a public stage. That statement is that there’s only one way to heal the racism, sexism and terrorism that is currently plaguing the globe – and that is chanting God’s names.

  • H.H. The Dalai Lama's Message for the "Chant for Change" Event

    On Saturday October 8th, at Washington’s famed Lincoln Memorial, at the site of one of America’s most famous landmarks, an event never seen before on this scale in Washington will take place. Chant4Change will focus on the performances of dozens of musicians, from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions, who will join together for a day and evening of music calling out to the Divine in chant, prayer, and song. To celebrate the event, H.H. the Dalai Lama also sent a message.

  • CHANT4CHANGE 2016: Lincoln Memorial - Poem by Gaura Vani

    Chant4Change: Lincoln Memorial on October 8th, 2016 - “Raise Your Voice.”

  • Tulsi Gabbard's Speech at ISKCON 50th Anniversary Gala Event in Washington D.C.

    Many international religious and political leaders honored ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s achievements and contributions at a special ISKCON 50th Anniversary Gala Event in Washington D.C. on Tuesday September 13th, 2016. The keynote speaker was U.S. Congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard. Read more about the event at:,5803/

  • Religious and Political Leaders Appreciate Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON at 50th Anniversary Gala in Washington D.C.

    Over 300 people attended the Gala event, seventy-five of them special VIP invitees including religious leaders, media, government representatives and political leaders. 

  • Washington to Host Two Major ISKCON 50 Events

    The capital city of the United States will host two major events over the next month celebrating in style and en masse the 50th Anniversary of ISKCON and the power of chanting God’s names to change the world. On September 13, in the Presidential Ballroom of the Capital Hilton Hotel three hundred people will gather for a formal ISKCON 50 Gala Evening. Picking up right where the Gala ends—with kirtan—on Saturday October 8th, the celebration will move just a mile away to the foot of Washington’s famed Lincoln Memorial.

  • Multifaith Gathering to Chant for Change at Lincoln Memorial

    As many as 10,000 people from multiple faiths and backgrounds are set to sing God’s names together in what could be the biggest chant gathering in American history on October 8th, exactly one month before the U.S. presidential election. Organized by second generation ISKCON devotees, the free event “Chant 4 Change” will take place in Washington D.C. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke his famous “I have a dream” speech.

  • Chant4Change: Lincoln Memorial - Poem by Gaura Vani

    An inspiring video to invite people to Washington DC to the Chant4Change event on October 8th, 2016. 

  • In D.C., ISKCON’s 50th Brings Community Together

    At the temple in Potomac, a suburb of Washington D.C., for example, community members are holding their first 50-hour kirtan.

  • Lord Hanuman Figurine Is US President Obama’s Lucky Charm

    A statuette of Lord Hanuman is among few items that US President Barack Obama always carries in his pocket and seeks inspiration.

  • Hindu Catholic Relations Promoted at Washington, D.C. Event

    Most significantly for ISKCON members, Vatican Council II redefined how the Catholic Church sees and engages with the non-Catholic religious traditions. 

  • Holi D.C. – Not Just Another Color Festival

    With a profusion of secular “color runs” and “color festivals” everywhere these days, it’s hard to find one that stands out. But Holi D.C., beginning with its conspicuous moniker – it purposely retains the festival’s original spiritual name rather than calling itself “Festival of Colors” – is decidedly unique.

  • ISKCON Communications Prepares for 50th Anniversary, Seeks Funds for Next Phase

    ISKCON Communications Ministry is looking back on decades of gaining support for Prabhupada’s society. 

  • Museum of the Bible Aims for Timeless Name, Imagery

    The high-tech museum is four blocks from the U.S. Capitol and three blocks from a global tourism mecca, the Air and Space Museum.

  • Is Yoga Really About Exercise?

    Yoga practitioners are fighting a new sales tax by insisting the activity isn't primarily about fitness. Around the world, its definition can often be rather more flexible, writes Jon Kelly.

  • “School Without Walls” A Good Fit for Hare Krishna Children

    Nancy De Luca Stempel (Nandapatni Dasi) the Executive Director of the Learning Community International, a private school “Without Walls” claims her school’s unique learning style is a good fit for ISKCON children. 

  • The Mormon Temple in Washington DC, USA.

    Drone flight over. A stunning video of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Temple in Washington DC, USA.

  • Vaishnavas and Muslims Discuss Peacebuilding in 5th Annual Dialogue

    The fifth annual Vaishnava-Muslim Interfaith Dialogue was held on Saturday April 19th this year in the Washington D.C. area. After covering topics such as the name of God and “What do we Love When We Love Our God?” during previous years’ meetings, this year’s focused on peace and peacebuilding within the Vaishnava and Muslim traditions. Twenty participants attended, including professors, scholars and religious leaders.

  • The Festival of Colors in Washington DC

    Anuttama Dasa, the communications director at ISKCON, went on the ABC7 TV show to talk about Holi DC, happening on Saturday, April 5th.

  • Abortion Foes Rally in Washington, Spurred by Pope

    Thousands of marchers braved freezing temperatures in Washington to demand an end to abortion in the USA, with Pope Francis tweeting his support.

  • US First Lady Michelle Obama Marks Diwali at the White House

    First Lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks at a Diwali celebration at the White House. November 5, 2013.

  • ISKCON of DC Adds Fresh Ideas to Inspire Devotion this Janmastami

    The ISKCON temple in the Washington D.C. suburb of Potomac, Maryland, incorporated some interesting creative as well as managerial ideas in their Janmastami festival this year, to maximize devotion in attendees.

  • Indian Arts Summer Camp Delights U.S. Children

    Children in Potomac, Washington D.C. and Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA, have been in for a treat this summer with an Indian Arts Summer Camp that absorbs them in Vaishnava culture and is lots of fun at the same time. Second generation ISKCON devotee Gaurangi-Priya, 34, started the camp six years ago, and runs it with her mother, Kamalini Dasi.

  • Fourth Annual Vaishnava-Muslim Dialogue Studies “Sacred Aesthetics”
    More than twenty scholars and practitioners, ten each from the Islamic and the Vaishnava Hindu traditions, spent a day together at a park-like retreat center just outside of Washington, D.C. on Saturday April 13 for an in depth discussion of “Sacred Aesthetics.”
  • D.C. Yoga Teacher Gives Students Spiritual India Experience
    Yoga tourism is a rapidly growing trend, with yoga teachers everywhere taking their students on vacations designed to go deeper and relieve the stress of the modern working world.
  • Hindu Spring Festivals Increase In Popularity And Welcome Non-Hindus
    It’s not every day that a stranger says you’d look good in pink and douses you in colored powder. But at last Saturday’s Holi celebration at the Hare Krishna temple in Potomac, this spontaneous act was in no short supply.
  • Festival of India to Brighten Up Campuses in D.C. Area This May
    Festival of India, the transcendental roadshow that has been putting on spiritual fairs across the USA and Canada every summer since 1979, is coming to college campuses in Washington D.C. and Virginia this spring.
  • D.C. Devotees Attend Jewish-Hindu Evening of Exploration
    ISKCON devotees were invited to participate in “A Jewish-Hindu Evening of Exploration!” at the Adat Shalom synagogue in Bethesda, Maryland, on Saturday January 5th.
  • Kirtan’s Call-and-response Chanting Draws a Growing Number of Washingtonians
    Sitting on the floor chanting Sanskrit phrases under soft lights isn’t for everyone, but it’s for a lot more people than it was a few decades ago, when Sanskrit chanting was reserved for the Hare Krishna. Demand is suddenly so great that kirtans are being offered at many local studios for yoga, which, like meditation, has become a gateway to the transcendent for millions of secular Americans who still, in some quiet corner, believe in God.
  • ISKCON Joins Call for Indian Government to Clean Up Yamuna River
    Representatives from ISKCON, Environmental Organizations and other Hindu organizations presented letters at Indian Embassies in several capitals of the world including Washington D.C., London, and Brussels in connection with the Sri Krishna Janmastami holiday, expressing their grave concern about deadly levels of pollution affecting India’s Yamuna River.
  • Youth Inspired to Follow Srila Prabhupada at D.C. Retreat
    Fifty Hare Krishna youth from around the US were spiritually enlivened beyond expectations at this year’s Pandava Sena retreat entitled Following His Grace, held from July 19th to 24th at the ISKCON temple in Potomac, a suburb of Washington D.C.
  • D.C. Gardener Encourages City Temples to Go Green
    As environmentally-friendly living becomes more and more of a concern in a modern society where Earth’s resources are fast running out, ISKCON has an increasing responsibility to set a good example.
  • Rukmini Dasi: Seeing Business and Spirituality as Kindred Spirits
    As ISKCON heads towards its fiftieth year, a majority of its members, who once renounced everything to live in temple ashramas, now find themselves working full-time to maintain their families. Some may even start their own enterprises.
  • Dharma Traditions’ Perspective Enhances Religious Leaders' Statement to G8
    Religious leaders gather in Washington, D.C. to issue joint statement to the world’s political leaders. Representing the broader Hindu and Jain traditions were Anuttama Dasa, from ISKCON and Arvind Vora, from the Federation of Jain Associations in North America.
  • D.C. Holi Breaks Down Barriers, Brings Community Together
    On a crisp, sunny morning on Saturday March 10th, over two thousand devotees, congregation and intrigued locals converged on Washington D.C.’s Potomac temple, to celebrate the spring festival originally held by Lord Krishna and his eternal consort Radha, in which revelers cover each other with colored powders.
  • 15th Annual Vaishnava Christian Dialogue to be Held in Washington D.C.

    Ten representatives of Vaishnavism, and ten of the Christian faith will meet in Potomac, Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C., this April 13th and 14th for the fifteenth annual Vaishnava Christian Dialogue, on the topic of “The Hidden God.”

  • Hindu American Internship on Capitol Hill, Summer 2012
    It's time for American resident undergraduate and graduate students to apply to the Hindu American Foundation's (HAF) Congressional Internship Program for Summer 2012.
  • Volunteer Position Open in ISKCON Communications Service

    A position is open immediately to serve ISKCON as Executive Assistant to the Minister of Communications, Anuttama Dasa. The service will be performed at the ISKCON Communications (IC) offices at the Washington, D.C. temple, in suburban Maryland, USA.

  • D.C. Devotees Encourage Their Son’s Individuality to Thrive in Homeschool
    When they encouraged their son Nimai to pursue his own interests while homeschooling, Washington D.C. husband and wife couple Vidarbha Suta Dasi and Lokadhyaksha Dasa saw his personality grow and his individual skills thrive exponentially.
  • ISKCON of Washington DC Presents “Krishna Talks” on TV
    Devotees from ISKCON Washington DC are using the “idiot box” intelligently; to spread the words of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna. Global TV Network hosts a weekly show titled “Facets of Religions in India,” with approximate 1.5 million viewers.
  • D.C. Devotees Honor Aindra Dasa and 9/11 with Spiritual Peace Formula
    Over 500 devotees and guests from all over the U.S. attended a 24-Hour Kirtan at the Potomac ISKCON temple near Washington D.C. last weekend.
  • Mantra Meditation On Washington`s National Mall
    Watch out kirtaniyas! The attractive power of musical chanting may soon be rivaled by those hankering to understand the benefits of chanting on beads.
 On July 4th, during the Krishna Festival of India on the National Mall in Washington, DC, congregational members of the local Hare Krishna temple set up a tent under a large canopy called "Mantra Meditation.
  • New President Needed in US Capital
    The Washington, D.C. temple, in Potomac Maryland, is seeking a qualified devotee to serve as its president.
  • Ratha Yatra Part of July 4th Festivities
    Washington, D.C. – Dubbed “America’s official birthday party,” the National Independence Day Parade, held on the Fourth of July, attracts more than three hundred thousand spectators each year. This year, the Washington D.C. Chapter of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was again invited to join the procession, adding an authentic Indian chariot, deities of Lord Krishna, and devotees dressed in traditional dhotis and saris.