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  • Indian Government Agrees to Restore Yamuna River’s “Ecological Flow”

    The Indian government has finally agreed to restore the Yamuna’s ecological flow through several steps demanded by protestors, beginning with bringing the sacred river under the Environment Protection Act within two to three months. The move is a huge victory for the Free Yamuna Campaign of Braj (the land of Lord Krishna’s pastimes), which has been fighting for years now to restore the beleaguered river.

  • Review 1994 Water Pact to Revive Yamuna: Experts

    The Centre may have assured the protesters that the "ecological flow" will be restored, but this can't be done without revisiting the water sharing agreement between five states. 

  • Yamuna Protest Will Not Budge or Negotiate This Time

    100,000 people are expected to participate in a third march protesting the condition of the sacred river Yamuna this spring – and this time, organizers say, they will not budge or negotiate with the government. Two previous marches in 2011 and 2013 yielded some results -- for instance, the government agreed to construct a sewage canal to stop Delhi drains discharging pollutants and sewer waste into the river.

  • Yamuna Muktikaran Abhiyan – “Save Yamuna” March

    Starting March 15th, once again, more than 100,000 Vrajavasis, devotees, farmers and people from various organizations will march from Vrindavan to Delhi to stop the abuse of the Yamuna River. This Pada Yatra represents a turning point in the popular Save Yamuna Campaign and takes place under the name “Yamuna Muktikaran Abhiyan”.  

  • The Yamuna March Is Over But The Protest Continues
    Starting March, 1st more than 100,000 brajavasis, devotees, farmers and people of various organizations marched from Vrindavan to Delhi to stop the abuse of the Yamuna river. On March 13th the march was called off but the protest continues.
  • Save Yamuna (Historical Sankirtan March from 1st March 2013) Highlights
  • Demands Not Met, Yamuna Stir to Continue
    The Yamuna Bachao Yatra continued to camp in Delhi after the government didn't accept all their demands. Yamuna Rakshak Dal members were in a meeting with water resources ministry officials till late Wednesday night and are expecting an outcome by midnight.
  • Massive March for Yamuna River Nears Delhi

    Tens of thousands of villagers are marching toward Delhi to pressure the central government to save the Yamuna River, in one of the biggest protests against river pollution in India.

  • Yamuna: A River in Peril

    A short film by Yamuna Network.

    Executive Producers: Kuvelesaya Zakheim, Raoul Goff
    Director of Photography: Filip Cargonja
    Camera: Filip Cargonja, Kuvelesaya Zakheim, Ian Shive
    Editor: Hilary Tapper

    To find out how to get involved in the movement to save the river Yamuna please visit or

  • Historical Save Yamuna Foot March Begins on March 1st

    The environmental battle for the dead river Yamuna continues on with the singing and chanting of the Holy Names of God by hundreds of thousands believers from all over India and abroad, who will join forces in a peaceful protest march starting on March 1st in Vrindavan and concludes in New Delhi 10 days later.

  • Supreme Court Order Precedes Biggest March Yet for Yamuna River

    Beginning with a Supreme Court order in New Delhi in November, recent developments show an escalation in the battle for India’s sacred Yamuna river—which was declared ‘dead’ by the Ecological Department of India.

  • Indian Ambassador of Germany Receives Yamuna Protest Letter
    Representatives of ISKCON Germany handed a letter of request to "Save Yamuna River" to the Indian Ambassador Mrs. Sujatha Singh at her mansion in Berlin on the occasion of the 66. year of Indian Independence. The Ambassador read the letter on the spot and gave her full support.
  • ISKCON Joins Call for Indian Government to Clean Up Yamuna River
    Representatives from ISKCON, Environmental Organizations and other Hindu organizations presented letters at Indian Embassies in several capitals of the world including Washington D.C., London, and Brussels in connection with the Sri Krishna Janmastami holiday, expressing their grave concern about deadly levels of pollution affecting India’s Yamuna River.
  • Signature Collection Campaign to Save Yamuna
    ISKCON has joined the worldwide campaign "Save Yamuna: A message from all over the world", which, by the cooperative effort of devotees and volunteers, is growing day by day.
  • Satyamev Jayate : Water - Every drop counts

    After air, the next most vital thing for our survival is water. While at the moment we have enough water for our needs, a time is likely to come when our water supply runs out and we have to buy water at a price similar to fuel. The solution, which some people have implemented, is to save and store rainwater.

    Satyamev Jayate is an immensely popular talk show on Indian Television hosted by a super star of Indian Cinema – Amir Khan. Apart from the critics, film, social and political personalities, the show was well received by the television viewers describing it as "a gutsy, hard-hitting and sensible program that strikes an emotional chord with the audiences.

    From the film's 26th minute the program features the pollution of the Yamuna river.

  • "Save Yamuna" Night at the Vaishnava Summer Camp in Serbia

    July, 2012, featuring Sacinandana Swami.

  • Burgeoning Eco-River Crisis Threatens New Delhi and Beyond
    The GBC Executive Committee offers its appreciation to the Save Yamuna River Project. The Yamuna is a sacred river for all devotees of Lord Krishna and members of the broader Hindu faith.
  • Ratha Yatra in Berlin with the Theme of Saving the Yamuna River
    For the second year in row the devotees dedicated the festival to the campaign to "BRING BACK THE HOLY RIVER YAMUNA TO BRAJ-VRINDAVAN", where up to now not a single drop of original sacred Yamuna water is reaching holy cities like Mathura, Gokhul and Vrindavan in Braj.
  • Bring Yamuna Devi Back to Vrindavan - A Special Kirtan at the Croatian Summer Camp

    Performed by Madhava Naidoo in July, 2012, Croatia.