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  • Bhakti Center Offers Yoga Teacher Training Grounded in Vaishnava Tradition

    Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bhakti Center in New York City has been offering a new selection of virtual yoga teacher training and meditation teacher training programs, as well as training in Ayurveda and kirtan.

  • The Power of Truthfulness

    Seekers of the truth would be wise to look beneath the surface of the social diseases to the spiritual amnesia that gives rise to the affliction of misidentification; the illusory perception of the eternal spirit soul as the temporary material body. 

  • The Yoga of Voting

    According to the Bhagavad-gita, there’s no contradiction between cultivating an inner life of personal spiritual development and an outer life of active social engagement as long as that engagement is dedicated toward “the welfare of all living beings.

  • Villa Vrindavana Yoga Center Provides Authenticity and Variety

    Villa Vrindavana Yoga Center is providing yoga enthusiasts an authentic experience in a spiritual community, as well as a non-judgemental, pressure-free zone where they can decide how deep they want to dive.

  • Yoga Magazine Publishes Ten-Page Feature on Srila Prabhupada’s Life and Legacy

    Yoga Magazine says it is “the number one yoga, health and fitness brand in the UK and USA.” The publication is aimed at upscale cosmopolitan women aged between 25 and 45, who desire to improve their health and wellbeing.

  • ISKCON Bosnia-Herzegovina Celebrates International Yoga Day with Maha Mantra

    ISKCON Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has produced many devotees who, due to post-war recovery of the country and economic challenges, have moved to other countries around the world.

  • Parabhakti Das Discusses Authentic Yoga at European Academy of Religion

    Parabhakti Das, President of ISKCON’s Villa Vrindavana community near Florence, Italy, presented at a panel discussion on preserving authenticity in yoga during the European Academy of Religion’s annual conference this spring.

  • Three Ways to Increase Your Energy Level Through Yoga

    The day-to-day practice of yoga gives the much-needed energy boost that powers the practitioners for the rest of the day.

  • New Book: Soul Power - Five Noble Truths for a Successful Life

    Author Priyavrata Das’ hope is that these affirmations will give people the solace, strength, and the wisdom they need to succeed in life as well help remind them just how awesome they are as a spirit soul.

  • New York Retreat Will Bring Attendees to the Heart of Bhakti Yoga

    Lovers of spiritual inspiration may want to set a weekend aside this summer for the Heart of Yoga retreat, to be offered in New York for the sixth time from June 1st to 3rd. The event grew out of the Bhagavad-gita classes senior Prabhupada disciple Yogesvara Das taught at Jivamukti for ten years.

  • New BBT Book Inner Yoga Takes Practitioners Deep Into the Spiritual Core of the Yoga Tradition

    With yoga’s popularity ever on the rise, there’s a huge potential audience for the book. Enter Inner Yoga author Jayananda Das (Janne Kontala), a practitioner of ashtanga-vinyasa yoga since 1992 and an experienced yoga teacher teaching in Helsinki, Stockholm, and now the U.S. Jayananda knows his audience and their needs well.

  • Yoga Teacher Training Course at Bhaktivedanta College

    The Yoga Teacher Training Course, held in the beautiful Ardennes in Belgium, offers a unique opportunity to train with world-renowned teacher Mahayogi Gokulacandra, one of the most advanced practitioners of asanas today. This 4 week course is taught in a serene villa setting surrounded by rolling countryside that offers an escape from the stress of daily life.

  • Paramahamster - Yoga

    Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes!

  • Russian Yoga Lecturer Escapes Penalty in Sign of Good Karma

    Russia’s yoga lovers can sigh in relief today, following a judge’s decision in St. Petersburg to throw out the case against Dmitry Ugai, a man tied to a Krishna group charged with illegal missionary work.

  • The Yoga of Harry Potter & Your Last Day as a Muggle

    Let’s face it, there’s an obsessively-conformist, magically-numb muggle in us all. Being different, even a little odd, is a nightmare of Dursleyian proportions that most of us know (and fear) all too well. The magical world, however, has no room for such muggle-mindedness, and neither does the world of yoga.

  • ISKCON Hosts 2nd European Yoga Congress

    ISKCON of Radhadesh, Belgium hosted the 2nd European Yoga Congress from May 27th to 29th, sharing insights and techniques with thirteen different yoga schools from twelve countries. The seeds of the event were sewn in November 2014, when many different yoga organizations met at Yoga Vidya in Germany, Europe’s largest yoga ashram, to explore commonalities and possibilities for cooperation.

  • Two Devotee Women Co-author Popular Yoga Book

    For the first time ever, two women initiated into the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya published a popular book that emphasizes the bhakti tenets in two of the world’s most revered yoga texts: the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras. Last month, Krishna Kanta Dasi (Catehrine Ghosh) and Braja Sevaki Dasi (Braja Sorensen) released Yoga in the Gita: Krishna and Patanjali—The Bhakti Dimension, with Golden Dragonfly Press.

  • Devotee Author Aims Bhagavatam-Inspired Novel at Western Audience

    With his first novel, “The Yoga Zapper,” ISKCON devotee Hari Mohan Das (Mohan Ashtakala) has blended exciting fantasy storytelling with themes from the Srimad-Bhagavatam, including the prophesied appearance of Kalki Avatar at the end of Kali Yuga. He hopes to entertain and educate a diverse Western audience with this potent mix, published by mid-sized Canadian publisher Books We Love.

  • Yogi Blues: The Bhagavad Gita & The Yoga of Despair

    Popular wisdom, from doctors and moms alike, is that yoga and happiness go hand in hand. But are "real" yogis immune to despair? Is despondency somehow antithetical to yoga?

  • Devotee Yoga Teachers Meet to Develop ISKCON-Wide System

    ISKCON yoga teachers will gather at the Simhachalam farm in Germany August 13th to 17th to develop an ISKCON-wide system for presenting Mantra Yoga through their professional yoga studios. Fifteen teachers will attend the “Strategic Planning Meeting,” including Jiva-Maya Dasi and Ranga Devi from the UK; Matsya Avatar Das from Italy; and Krishna Kripa Das, who teaches yoga and meditation to prison inmates in Spain.

  • Putin Says He’d Prefer Start Yoga with Spiritual Practices

    "Yoga is about the development from the physical to the spiritual. Let us say I have started with the spiritual," Putin said at a news conference.

  • 450 Delhi Youth Taste Bhakti Yoga Bliss on 'International Yoga Day'

    The worldwide increase of popularity of yoga inspired the United Nations to recognize 21st June as ‘International Yoga Day’. On this occasion, ISKCON’s Youth Forum (IYF) shared the bliss of bhakti yoga with Delhi youngsters through its bi-monthly youth festival called ‘Umanga’. 

  • World Yoga Day – Let’s Go Beyond Political and Physical Posturing

    While yoga is devalued by political posturing in India, in the West it is devalued by physical posturing–it is reduced to an exercise for treating and shaping the body. 

  • Airline Now Requires New Pilots And Crew To Practice Yoga

    This year, new employee training begins with a daily 6:30 a.m. yoga class, The Economic Times reports. 

  • China to Set Up First Yoga College

    The college is expected to spread Indian culture in China and plans to begin student admissions in September.

  • Sri Bhakti Das: Krishna Sambandha at Chile's Expo Yoga
  • UN to Declare June 21 As World Yoga Day: Sushma Swaraj

    The United Nations will soon declare June 21 as World Yoga Day following a proposal by Narendra Modi, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said.

  • Krishna Consciousness Grows in South Korea

    Krishna consciousness continues to spread in one of the last frontiers, South Korea, with Patanjali Muni Das and Prayojana Das recently returning from their third tour of the East Asian country. Former Korean army officer Patanjali Muni spent three years living and teaching Krishna consciousness in his native country in the mid 2000s, and has translated both the Bhagavad-gita As It Is and the Sri Isopanisad for the Korean audience.

  • India’s New Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Aims to Rebrand and Promote Yoga in India

    India now has a minister of yoga — and he and his government want their cultural bliss back.

  • Narendra Modi Calls for International Yoga Day

    Yoga got a strong leg up on the world stage when Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for observing an International Yoga Day. 

  • Is Yoga Really About Exercise?

    Yoga practitioners are fighting a new sales tax by insisting the activity isn't primarily about fitness. Around the world, its definition can often be rather more flexible, writes Jon Kelly.

  • We Are All Hare Krishnas Now, Meditation Goes Mainstream

    They are coming out the woodwork. And suddenly it seems that half the people I know are secretly meditating. They range from casual transcendental meditators to practically full-blown Hare Krishnas. 

  • Yoga Legend BKS Iyengar Passes Away

    World-renowned yoga guru and founder of the Iyengar School of Yoga B K S Iyengar passed away in Pune on August 20th following illness.

  • The Return of a Cult Classic—Hare Krishnas are Back

    Nearly 50 years after Srila Prabhupada journeyed from India to America to bring the new teachings of Krishna to a generation of Western burnouts, Hare Krishnas have moved out of the airports, into the streets, and into the cubicle right next to yours.

  • The Yoga of Kirtan

    Sri Chaitanya’s immediate followers, the Six Goswamis of Vrindavan, explained chanting as a yogic science. Based on Sri Chaitanya’s teachings, they brought out the inner meaning.

  • Is Yoga a Good Business?

    Does the growth in yoga's popularity, particularly in the West, mean that its spiritual content and religious roots are being neglected?

  • Yoga's Greatest Guru Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

    Curiously, although India is often associated with ideas of peace and tolerance, no Indian has ever been awarded the Peace Prize.

  • At This New Year's Eve party, 'You Shut Up'

    While hundreds of thousands cheer in Times Square, hundreds of New Yorkers will gather not far away to pass the waning hours of 2013 without a word.

  • What India Can Teach The Rest Of The World About Living Well

    India has been described by some traditional texts as Sa Prathama Sanskrati Vishvavara, the first and supreme culture in the world.

  • Choose Life

    As we learn of the spiritual reality it’s easy to begin neglecting what we may see as temporary, mundane and inconsequential social intercourse.

  • Yoga: The New Career Path For Corporate Execs

    Yoga has grown from a relatively unknown spiritual activity with origins in Hinduism to a cultural phenomenon and multi-billion dollar market in the U.S.

  • Yogic Traditions Unite for World Peace in Portugal

    On June 21st, the summer solstice or longest day of the year; considered an auspicious occasion for Vedic faith traditions, marked the first  pan-European Yoga Day, held in Lisbon, Portugal. The goal of world peace, yoga was used as a remedy for the turmoil of the world’s problems.

  • San Diego Judge Says Public School’s Yoga Instruction Not Religious

    A California judge ruled Monday (July 1) that the teaching of yoga in public schools does not establish a government interest in religion. 

  • Constitutional Freedoms and Defining Religion

    An ongoing court case on the constitutionality of a yoga program in Encinitas, Calif., USA schools resumed today. Beyond the specific legal issues, this case, along with others that focus on the freedom of and from religion, illustrates the strategic application of the term "religion."

  • Is Yoga Instruction Religious? San Diego Court Case May Decide
    In an elementary school classroom with an American flag draped over one wall, a couple dozen students rose to standing positions. Then they shifted into poses called “volcano part one,” “silent gorilla,” and “rag doll.” Some students may not realize it, but the semiweekly, half-hour course might be gone by the time they return in the fall.
  • Healing with Kirtan in Australia
    In the 1990s, internationally acclaimed kirtan artist Carmella Baynie was riding the early success of a pop music career. The Sydney-based singer had landed a record deal, her first single was charting well and life had become a blur of television appearances, long days in the recording studio and late-night gigs.
  • The Yoga Wisdom of Corporate Personhood
    If we cannot restore to our ecology the very rights of personhood we have placed on corporations, then none of our profits will be sustainable. Indeed, the very infrastructures of our society will not survive.
  • Seeking to Clear a Path Between Yoga and Islam

    As a community activist in Queens, New York, Muhammad Rashid has fought for the rights of immigrants held in detention and held a street fair to promote diversity. Mr. Rashid, a Muslim, said he had long believed that practicing yoga was tantamount to “denouncing my religion.”

  • San Francisco International Airport Introduces Yoga Room
    Stressed out by flying? Travelers in Northern California can now find their inner calm in the Yoga Room at San Francisco International Airport. The quiet, dimly lit studio officially opened last week in a former storage room just past the security checkpoint at SFO's Terminal 2.
  • ISKCON Swamis Meet With Yoga Leaders to Plan World Yoga Day
    Renowned masters from various Yoga schools—including ISKCON’s Yadunandana Swami and Radhanath Swami—met for an international Yoga conference this past December 4th and 5th at the headquarters of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation in Bangalore, India to agree on a date for a special World Yoga Day.
  • The Yoga of Eating - Becoming a Food Yogi by Priyavrata das
    The 320 page book by Director of Food for Life Global, Paul Rodney Turner (Priyavrata das) is the result of many years of research and crafting while teaching the art and science of food yoga around the world at vegetarian conferences.
  • Book Review: Food for the Soul - Vegetarianism and Yoga Traditions by Steven Rosen
    For those who are meat-eating Yogis, wanting an easy way out, this book is to be avoided at all costs. If, however, you are either a vegetarian or someone who is sitting on the fence -- a sincere meat eater who is ready to give up eating meat for his or her practice of Yoga -- this book will offer much direction, knowledge, and food for thought.
  • Perfection of Yoga at Emory University

    On 5th July 2011, an interesting exposition on the “Perfection of Yoga” took place with Laxmimoni Dasi as the speaker at the Harland Hall of the Emory University campus in Atlanta, USA.

  • Yoga Celebrates The Start of Summer in Times Square takeover
    Several hundred yoga enthusiasts brought some peace and serenity to the bustling plazas of New York`s Times Square Tuesday morning to celebrate the first day of summer.
  • In The Race... But Not A Rat...

    The competitive spirit pervades the world we live in. Students fiercely compete to clinch university placements and graduate positions. Colleagues deviously compete to intercept each other in the ascent up the corporate ladder. Believe it or not, even aspiring spiritualists can end up competing with each other in the quest for distinction, fame and adoration.

  • Prison Yoga

    With its high walls, gates, and rituals, the Bhopal central jail looks forbidding, almost medieval. However, inside is a world of routine and order. The inmates have earned the distinction not for being tough, but for being calm. In the prison’s main hall, some 150 men are led in the deep breathing yoga exercises.

  • Why There's Yoga at Your Church (or Synagogue, or Mosque, or...)
    For “the spiritual but not religious” wondering how they got there, for those wondering who those Indian dudes are on the cover of Sergeant Pepper, and for Methodists doing yoga, the book American Vedanta offers an important story of America’s practical mysticism.
  • Bhakti-Infused Yoga Teacher Training Intensive In Kansas, USA
    A Bhakti - infused yoga teacher training intensive will be offered in Kansas May 10 – June 9, 2011. This unique course offers a holistic, in - depth overview of hatha yoga infused with the mood of devotional love.
  • The Yogis of Devotion Bring Bhakti into the Mainstream
    An interesting new trend is the recent proliferation of ISKCON devotee yoga teachers. Knowing that Srila Prabhupada, who taught Bhakti-yoga, did not place any emphasis on physical yoga exercise, how did they end up as yoga teachers? Is it simply a way of earning a living for them, or is there more to it?
  • The Crucible Gone Cold: Modern Yoga, Christianity, and the Practice of Individual Transformation
    Christianity lost much of its alchemical fire centuries and centuries ago. Modern yoga teeters on the brink of suffering a similar fate for very different reasons.
  • Hindu Group Stirs a Debate Over Yoga’s Soul
    Yoga is practiced by about 15 million people in the United States. Religion, for the most part, has nothing to do with it. But a group of Indian-Americans has ignited a surprisingly fierce debate in the gentle world of yoga by mounting a campaign to acquaint Westerners with the faith that it says underlies every single yoga style followed in gyms, ashrams and spas: Hinduism.
  • ISKCON Devotees Contribute to Bhakti Fest 2010
    From September 9th to 12th this year ISKCON devotees pulled their weight by contributing to the performances and infrastructure at Bhakti Fest, a huge new draw for the increasingly popular U.S. kirtan yoga community.
  • Hindu Americans Partner with ISKCON for U.S. “Yogathon”
    ISKCON will be one of the many organizations participating in Yogathon, a one-day campaign that will see community and worship centers across the U.S. offering free one or two-hour introductory yoga classes on Sunday, August 29th.
  • Mayapur Is Welcoming Hatha Yogis
    These yoga retreats will allow the participants to get a deeper understanding of the real meaning of "yoga", to realize and appreciate what is inside the world of yoga (and what are the yoga "ladders"), including bhakti-yoga, asanas, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, yogic lifestyle, yogic diet, vedic culture, to obtain full satisfaction through yoga.
  • Yoga Heritage: Don't Even Think About Stealing It, Says Indian Government
    Delhi-based body adopts rigid posture on yoga's origins
. Government wants to lay down rules on practices
  • 'Ecstatic Chant' Fills the Hills of Upstate New York
    Yogis and kirtan enthusiasts congregated at the Omega Institute in upstate New York as it held its ‘Ecstatic Chant’ festival from May 7th to 9th.
  • Man Claims To Have Had No Food or Drink for 70 Years
    Indian military scientists are studying an 82-year-old who claims he has not had any food or drink for 70 years.
  • The Global Impact of Yoga
    Yoga is sweeping across the globe at a dazzling speed, as millions are turning to yoga not only to exercise, but also as an alternative to the experience of a spiritual gathering they cannot find in a church, synagogue, mosque or Web site.
  • Yoga Guru Ramdev Eyes New Political Posture
    From the Himalayan foothills he runs a USD 40 million-a-year health empire, owns a Scottish island and claims to cure cancer. Now, India's star yoga guru plans to enter politics to help the poor and punish the corrupt.
  • New Yoga CD Features Big Name Artists
    Of the nearly 16 million people practicing yoga in America more than a few of them happen to be music superstars whose work has been collected onto a new CD, Yoga Revolution, released to stores and online retailers March 30th (Time Life).
  • India Offers Yoga Expertise to Sweden
    The two countries identified several areas of collaboration over seven days of meetings.
  • Rwandans Reach Out to Yoga as Trauma Therapy
    Over a thousand people in the genocide-ravaged nation have taken up the practice.
  • Yoga and the Art of Tax Collecting
    Church-going ain’t what it used to be in America. When I was growing up church- going meant sitting on a hard wooden pew, being physically constrained while wearing my “Sunday Best,” and listening intently (and sometime not) to a preacher shouting lessons from the Good Book. Not anymore.
  • Penn State University's Vedic Society Hosts Spiritual Yoga
    Even students who know about yoga's stretches and exercises may not know how to relax their minds through the power of chant. The Penn State Vedic Society presented "Yoga of Sound Vibrations," a venue of call-and-response chanting, in the Paul Robeson Cultural Center's Heritage Hall on Wednesday.
  • Hard Times Are Jamming the Ashrams
    SHORTLY after Steven Odnoha lost his job at Intel, he drove three days from Rio Rancho, N.M., to the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pa. For months, Mr. Odnoha had been wondering how he could get the time off to join a yearlong meditation program at the nonprofit yoga retreat. His pink slip, in September 2007, provided the answer.
  • Aristotle, the Somali Pirates and Yoga

    6th Street and 23th Avenue, it’s clearly the most patriotic intersection in town. A star-spangled red, white, and blue painted building on one corner, and diagonally opposite an intrusively large signboard that continually boasts inspirational sayings. The latest edition of the signboard reads, “America 3, Pirates 0.”

  • Former First Lady Wants Yoga in Every Russian Home
    Moscow (PTI): Russia's former First Lady Naina Yeltsina wants every home in the country to practice yoga for a healthy lifestyle. "I have been practicing yoga for last two years. I think it is indispensable for people above 50. It would be good if it was practiced in every Russian home," Naina Yeltsin, 77, said at a reception hosted here by the Indian Ambassador P P Shukla in honour of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar.
  • LA Yoga Magazine Features Krishna Philosophy

    “Sex is like a Ferrari. If someone gave me a brand-new Ferrari I wouldn’t take it off-roading. It would trash the car. I would only drive it where it’s supposed to be driven…Sex is a God-given gift. What’s happened to sex, like this Ferrari, is we’ve taken it off-road. Many people have taken this God-given gift and used it in a God-forbidden way. It’s going to be great for a while but I don’t think its going to have ultimate spiritual result until we do it the way God intended it. One woman, one man in a marriage,” he said.

  • Malaysian Clerics Issue Yoga Fatwa
    Millions of people in Malaysia have been banned from doing yoga because of fears it could corrupt Muslims. The Islamic authorities have issued a ruling, known as a fatwa, instructing the country's Muslims to avoid yoga because of its Hindu roots.
  • The Yoga of Kirtan: A Conversation with Satyaraja Dasa

    Author and practicing Vaishnava Satyaraja Dasa (Steven J. Rosen) releases his latest book, The Yoga of Kirtan: Conversations on the Sacred Art of Chanting, in early June. He took some time out to chat with ISKCON News staff member Vyenkata Bhatta Dasa about the new book and why kirtan is about transcending barriers.

  • Toronto Yogis Get "The Eternal Spiritual Experience"
    Yoga enthusiasts all over Toronto untangled their arms and legs this April to check out InSpirit, a nine-day yoga festival with a difference billed as “The Eternal Spiritual Experience.” Events held at various venues around the city, including the University of Toronto, were designed to help people discover the ancient teachings of the East and their practical application to everyday life.
  • Vastu is Yoga for Homes
    Some architects and interior designers are finding themselves on the cutting edge of home design by relying on principles that are thousands of years old. They're practitioners of vastu, an ancient Indian system for creating spaces that our bodies and minds are naturally programmed to find agreeable.
  • The Self at War
    Arjuna is a warrior who feels the call to a more peaceful, non-invasive life. On the verge of a mammoth war he refuses to fight, even though the enemy is an aggressor who must be brought down. Like Arjuna, once we acknowledge the call to a more enlightened life we may also find mundane duties distasteful. Is it possible to attend to such obligations without compromising our higher self? Is it possible to live in the material world without becoming overwhelmed by it?
  • ISKCON Devotees Present at London Yoga Show
    In London, the weekend of Nov. 23rd-25th, the second or third annual Yoga Show took place: exhibits by many yoga groups and enterprises catering to today's yogis. Held in Olympia, an auditorium in Kensington, it offered Adi Guru Dasa and other householders the opportunity to arrange a Bhakti Yoga booth.
  • Yoga causes controversy in American public schools

    Some parents say it violates the separation of church and state

    Dave Hunt, who has traveled to India to study yoga's roots and interview gurus, called the practice "a vital part of the largest missionary program in the world" for Hinduism. The Bend, Ore., author of "Yoga and the Body of Christ: What Position Should Christians Hold?" said that, like other religions, the practice has no place in public schools.