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Yamuna Will Be Clean in Three Years: Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra

By: for on Sept. 18, 2015
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Photo Credits: Krisztina Danka

Muralika Sharma a Brajabhasi girl from Varshana observing the present state of the Yamuna river with sadness. 

NEW DELHI: The now polluted Yamuna river will be cleaned within the next three years, asserted Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra on Wednesday while conducting a boat-ride inspection of the national capital's lifeline.

"The Yamuna river which has now been reduced to a dark grey-coloured lifeless river will be cleaned within the next three years," Mishra told IANS while on the fact-finding survey of the river.

"The oxygen level in the river has also gone way below what is required. We'll make the river so clean that people will be able to bathe in it," he said.

"We will make cleaning of the Yamuna a public movement. There was earlier a lack of political will to clean the river," he added. 


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